Level Design Contest 2019

Level Design Contest 2019

As you know from our annoucement, we’re working on Vaporum: Lockdown (a prequel to Vaporum), due to release in 2020. The community has received Vaporum very well, but has also given us a lot of suggestions on how to improve the game, or even add original situations and gameplay elements. Based on that, we decided to call upon you, Vaporum and dungeon crawler fans, to join forces in the creative process in making Vaporum: Lockdown!

We’re announcing the Lockdown Level Design Contest!

The goal:

  • Design a single, self-contained level for Vaporum: Lockdown.
  • Maximum size: 20×20 squares.

Reward for the winner:

  • A physical Vaporum Signature Edition for Nintendo Switch, signed by Vaporum’s devs (if the author wishes so).
  • A free Vaporum: Lockdown key for any platform.
  • An exceptionally well-made design may make it into the final game. If it does:
    • The author will be credited in the game’s Credits screen (by their real name, nickname, or anonymously).
    • Backstory lore using the author’s (nick)name and story is also possible.

Dates & Deadline:

  • Start: November 29th 2019
  • End: January 6th 2020

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One of the great designing tools that might help you, and which we used throughout the development of Vaporum, is Grid Cartographer, currently at 40% off on Steam!

We can’t wait to see what kind of ingenious ideas the community harbors, and to lay our hands on your submissions! So, let your creative juices flow and, above all, have fun! 🙂

P. S.: By the way, if you don’t already own it, now is a great time to get Vaporum at 50% off on Steam!

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