Vaporum: Lockdown – Patch #3 (Windows 7 Fix)

Hey, guys and gals!

After two quick ninja patches in the previous days, we have a bigger patch for you today. Apart from many smaller fixes, the major one is that the game should now work on Windows 7 without a hitch!

Here are the patch notes as usual:

– Fixed: The game crashes on Windows 7.
– Fixed: In L09, you can get locked out by pushable crates.
– Fixed: Total damage dealt and taken doesn’t always work correctly.
– Fixed: (SPOILER) Energy weapons don’t knock on doors.
– Fixed: Use the Switcher gadget on mangles and fans crashes the game.
– Fixed: The Repeater pistol never triggers its special effect.
– Fixed: Exclusive fullscreen doesn’t work.
– Fixed: When the automap is disabled, objectives don’t show up.
– Fixed: Text in lore notes disappears.
– Fixed: When the game loses focus during the intro or outro, the comic skips.
– Fixed: Locked edge doors don’t show the tooltip when playing with a controller.
– Fixed: Items on cursor may get lost when moving between levels.
– Fixed: You may get locked in the main valve room in L08.

The next step for us is to release the game on Mac & Linux.

Thank you and enjoy! 🙂

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