Vaporum: Lockdown postponed to Q2 2020

Vaporum: Lockdown postponed to Q2 2020

First of all, we’d like to thank you all for your continuous support! We really appreciate every bit of it!

The first reason for postponing the release is quite typical for gamedev. Even though we originally planned to make something smaller, we think that you, our community, deserve a little more than just a short “level pack”. The project has grown into a fully fledged, standalone game that expands on everything that made Vaporum good, and also brings a lot of new, fresh ideas. Since we’re a small team of enthusiasts, the desire to enrich and “fatten” the experience has won over releasing it too early without a lot of “meat”. On the other hand, of course, such a decision costs time.

You can be certain of one thing though — we will use all this added time to make sure the game is as fun and enjoyable to play as we can make it!

The second, more sinister reason is obvious, currently affecting the lives of all people around the world. The SARS-CoV-2 virus, causing an infectious disease, has already hit our country as well. Since Friday 13, our game studio has been on “lockdown”. Yes, we’re well aware of the irony in the game’s name and the date, and we also feel quite cringy about what takes place in the planned storyline of Vaporum: Lockdown and what is taking place in the world right now. It’s quite eerie.

By lockdown, we mean that all team members now work from home. This is quite ineffective and slow compared to being together in the studio and being able to discuss things live, face to face.

We also want to express a great deal of respect and gratitude to people who make extra selfless effort to help the infected and prevent the spread of the disease, every day. We’d also like to appeal to you to be responsible and follow the directions of your local health organizations.

Don’t forget to wishlist Vaporum: Lockdown and share the information we post. That’s the best you can do to help us. Thank you for your support!

On behalf of the whole team: Tibor Repta (Co-founder) & Matej Zajačik (Co-founder)

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